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Congestalain Cap

Congestalain Cap
Generic Name: Congestalain Cap Dosage Form: Oral Category: Tablets / Caplets Packaging: 20 caplets

Each caplet contains:
Paracetamol ........ 500 mg.
Chlorpheniramine maleate ......... 2 mo
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride ......... 30 mg.

Indications and Usage:
Congestalain is indicated for the symptomatic relief of:
- Fever and headache associated with common cold.
- Nasal congestion, sinus congestion and sinus pain.
- Runny nose, sneezing and itching of the nose and throat.
- Itchy watery eyes due to hay fever or respiratory allergies.

The information provided above is general in nature and for informational purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for the advice of your doctor. You must always consult your healthcare professional before starting any medication/supplementation program.
Keep out of reach of children.