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Wadi Alrafidain Company Pharmaceutical Products

From the known factories in the production of pharmaceutical product at the level of national industry in Iraq,Was established in 1996 in the province of Baghdad Waziriya industrial, the start of the factory production of syrups & suspensions under cadres competent & under the supervision of a group of pharmacists industrialists, Has been expanded gradually until we reached to work on the tablet production in 1998,Working to provide high quality products to maintain a good quality of life & health .

In 2003, the establishment of a new building of the factory, in the province of Baghdad /BobAL-sham industrial,to include three sections, Sections for the productions of syrup, suspensions, & a section for the production of tablet & powders, & a section for the production of ointment & creams.

The most important goals of the factory is progress pharmaceuticals national to the Ranks of developed nations in Terms of quality, diversity, & keep up scientific research in the in the pharmaceutical industry as well as most important another goals of the factory is to contribute to support notional Economy & Development as well as running the largest number of workers.

Our Vision

The our quest is to ensure the availability of a high level of sensible medicines and all over the governorates of Iraq and we are committed to working for a world happier because we of the leading pharmaceutical factories in Iraq ...